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13 reasons why you must outsource your digital marketing

Your customers are online.

More active than ever before.

But, you already knew that.

The question is, Are you

  • On the sidelines wondering how to get started, or

  • Partly in wanting to do more?

After all, it is a stretch.

Managing your digital marketing while running your business is not easy.

Do you want to be neck-deep in keywords, content and social media posts after a long day’s work while your kids are screaming for attention?

Should you worry about your website when you could be relaxing in front of the TV with a cold one?

Imagine how you’d feel knowing your marketing is taken care of, and you can call it a day. Don’t forget the sales and leads gushing in!

There’s more.

Here are 13 reasons why outsourcing your digital marketing is just good business:

  1. Saves money (an in-house digital team can cost as much as $250K/yr. Even a single hire will set you back around $70K/year. And, that’s just a beginner — they’ll be learning at your expense!)

  2. Frees up your time to focus on the nuts and bolts

  3. More sales from increased customer touchpoints

  4. More energy to delight your customers

  5. Your marketing is on auto-pilot

  6. An extended team committed to your success

  7. Expertise in several areas

  8. Your content takes care of itself, from creation to distribution

  9. Fewer items on your to-do list

  10. Fresh ideas from the agency’s experience in other industries

  11. Easy to switch if you’re not happy

  12. Advantage over your competition struggling to do it all in-house

  13. A professional appearance online

  14. Omni-channel presence (website, search, content, social media and paid traffic)

Yep, that’s 14 reasons. Not the 13 I promised.

That’s because a great agency does more. For You.

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