They just don't have the time

​Juggling operations, sales, staff, stocks and accounts is not easy. Many business owners just cannot find the time to add another "to do" such as social media marketing to their already growing list of tasks

They are not consistent

Due to lack of time, many owners tend to do it for the sake of it - they just one post a week, or even less frequently expecting to see results. 

Not posting the right content

​Social media is not just "sell, sell, sell". You must have a strategy behind every post. Your posts must add value to the customer to keep them coming back for more. 

They post and forget

Just posting alone is not enough. Some small businesses post regularly, but they have no time to follow up. They don't engage with the audiences who are responding to their content. The audience then feels let down and moves on to someone else who "treats" them better. ​

Not advertising

Advertising your products and services on social media ensures a wide reach. It puts you in front of the right audience, through precise targeting based on various factors such as demographics and interests. 

Consistency leads to trust.

First they'll see your posts. Then follow you. Then engage with you. Eventually trust you. And, buy from you. ​

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