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There are several so-called “marketers”, "website specialists", and "social media experts" roaming the wild wild west that is online marketing, today.

Many of them talk a big game. Very few can actually deliver.

For me, clients, or my "portfolio" rather, is not something to tout around, but a means to doing fulfilling work. Buuuuut, I realise, like a plainclothesman, I have to flash my badge so you know I'm the latter variety. 

So, without further ado, here’s what I've been doing with some of the coolest people running dope businesses.

Presenting Exhibit No. 1 - Check out this Instagram account I manage for the world's best computer monitor manufacturer, EIZO. We started at ZERO. Today, we've grown organically to a couple thousand followers of a highly niche audience, and we even generate sales inquiries worth over $3,000 a pop!

Don't take my word for it. Here's what the company's Operations Manager, Penny Swinfield says...

"Spearheading our social media / digital content strategy, Naveen has proven to be a logical, forward thinker as well as a reliable and pro-active contractor.

Key wins include building and populating our company websites and our shopify stores, tripling our Facebook following, and exponential growth of qualified followers and sales via our Instagram account.

I therefore highly recommend Naveen as a digital marketer to any prospective client."

Exhibit No. 2 - Peep Cybershop Australia's Instagram account. Having grown and solidified their social media presence, we're doing dope things, like tripling organic sales via robust SEO strategies!

Here's what Paul and Anna say:

"We've experienced continued improvement in our engagement, and most importantly an uptick in sales! 

As a small business owner, 24/7 availability is essential to us. Naveen has been extremely proactive and easy to work with, especially since we run last-minute promotions/events and get late night customer inquiries, all of which are handled effectively.

Him handling our online marketing has allowed us to focus on the operational aspect of the business knowing that our marketing is in safe hands." 

We’re just getting started. 

I’m also doing work for... 

Cubetape, an amazing piece of patented hardware and a kick-ass software that's redefining logistics by making shippers, LTL businesses, and warehouses heaps of money (often millions of dollars) and saving time.

Avonet Technologies, a team of tech wizards who help startups scale by taking over their product development and software projects. 

Clix4U, a Melbourne-based digital agency 

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