Frequently Asked Questions

Now, you know about social media. You know that it can help your business. You know the top level "how to's". 

However, understandably, you have questions. Doubts. 

Let us help you put your mind at ease:

Q: Am I under any obligation when I opt for your Special Offer or even an ongoing package?

A:  No. You are under ZERO obligations. There are no lock-in contracts.

For whatever reason, if you're not happy with my services, simply let me know and terminate the contract. This applies to my Outrageous Introductory Offer and other packages that I may offer. 

However, we'd appreciate if you'll do me a solid and let me know what went wrong.

Q: I know nothing about social media. How do I know that you're doing a good job?

A: The answer is in the results - if you don't see a marked improvement in customer engagement and sales, we've failed you. 

However, we assure you - We've been working with brands, helping them with their social media for years now. And, one thing that everyone agrees with - we are fully committed to giving you results. After all, it is YOUR business. Your bread and butter. And, if you've trusted us with this aspect of your business, we take it very seriously. No compromises. 

Q: Can't I hire someone full-time to do it?

A: Yes, you can. An in-house social media marketer will work wonders for your business. However, he/she will cost you between $60,000 and $90,000 per year based on their experience. Plus, you have to worry about probation, taxes and all the other administrative factors. 

Working with us, a small, flexible agency, you get to leverage our 15 years of experience for 10% of the investment of hiring someone full-time. In addition, we offer a "no obligations" deal where you can terminate the contract at will!

Q: My customers are local. Social Media is global. How can it help me?

A: Social media, while reaching billions of users across the world, is also very local. It can help you target customers in your locality with laser precision.

For example, if you're a restaurant based in Campbelltown, we will help you reach and engage with the relevant audience within the area only!

Q: Is there a trial period?

A: Yes. If you sign up for our Special Offer, we will manage your social media for THREE months. And, if you don't see results, you may terminate the contract immediately for a full refund of your money. 

Q: What exactly will you do for me?

A; We will manage your social media presence - developing strategy, creating content, posting it on select social media channels, engaging with your audience, and even handling inquires. For more details of what we can do for you, click HERE.

Q: Social media is all about posting on Facebook. I can do it. Or, I can have my assistant help me. Why do I need you?

A: Of course. You can handle your social media internally. There are countless small business doing the same, successfully. 


However, you'll see that these businesses were built on social media. It's in their DNA. As a result, they've been able to stay consistent and be "on it" 24/7/365. If that's you, go for it.

But, the problem most business owners face is that they start with good intentions, but soon, "life happens". Day to day operational stuff gets in the way, and social media marketing gets pushed to the backseat. Very soon, daily posts become "once a week", and eventually "once a month". Read more about Why businesses fail at social media.

The result - lost opportunities. 

My role will be to act as an external member of your team, managing your social media in sync with your business goals, allowing you the time to focus on core operations. 

Q: I have plenty of repeat customers. I don't need social media. 

A: Power to you.


However, remember, a competitor can upset the balance. It always pays to be proactive. Also, consider the current COVID-19 situation. How many otherwise solid small businesses faced turmoil? Being present on social media allows you to adapt to such changes and always stay connected with your customers and come up with new ways of serving them.


Check out this awesome video to see how local businesses adapted to the change by leveraging social media and online marketing. 

Q: Can I discuss a tailored package?

A: Yes. If the options we've presented don't work for you, let's hop on a call and strategise for a best fit. If we're unable to help you, we will try to direct you to someone who can. Worst case, we will tell you exactly how to go about finding someone who can help you. 

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