Hi, we're Little Digital Agency, your Social Media Manager

About Naveen, the founder. 

My goal is to use our knowledge and skills in social media to get you results. 

We've worked with brands such KFC, Axe, Sunsilk, Dove, CloseUp, Carlsberg, Lipton, Knorr, Marmite, Durex and a whole heap of other "big" brands, and now, wish to leverage my experience to work with small and medium-sized businesses. 

Instead of blindly encouraging you to "dump" your hard-earned dollars in the online marketing space, I'm committed to building an agency that gets the little things right - building long-lasting connections with your target audience to turn them into customers and supporters of your brand. 

I believe in doing the hard work, message by message, follower by follower, to build your social media presence. Not copy/pasting standard responses, but actually talking to each and every prospect who might even remotely benefit from your business. I'm currently doing this for much loved brands such as EIZO (professional, high-def computer monitors) and Cybershop Australia (alternative fashion retailer). 

With no lock-in contracts or false promises, here's what I will do for you:

  • Work with you to develop a social media strategy that will get you results

  • Create social media content for you that will best engage your audience turning them into paying customers

  • Post your content to your social media channels at optimal times

  • Recommend seasonal promotions and special offers that will have your audience begging for more

  • Help you run social media advertising campaigns to further reach and engage your audience

  • Report to you on a monthly basis so you know exactly how we're doing

  • Help you with your website, making it your online salesman

  • Helping your business get found on Google by your target customers

I'm not interested in social media marketing for the sake of it. I want to help you see a real return on investment - a growth in your audience and business.

In short - all I do will be towards making your audience fall in love with your business and turn into life-long paying customers. 

If this excites you, get in touch with me by click the button below for a no-obligation discussion on taking your marketing to the next level. 


Naveen Sivakumaran

I want to help you take your brand to your target audience. 

To use social media for what is was originally intended - build relationships. 

To help you increase sales by building a strong brand presence.

What our awesome clients are saying...


Penny Swinfield, Group Manager

Spearheading our social media / digital content strategy for more than 3 years, Naveen has proven to be a logical, forward thinker as well as a reliable and pro-active contractor.

Key wins include building and populating our company websites eizo-apac.com and buyeizo.sg.com, tripling our Facebook following, and exponential growth of qualified followers and sales via our Instagram account.

I therefore highly recommend Naveen as a digital marketer to any prospective client.


Paul Rubain, Partner

Naveen has been handling our social media for over a year now, and since then we've experienced continued improvement in our engagement, and most importantly an uptick in sales! 

As a small business owner, 24/7 availability is essential to me. Naveen has been extremely proactive and easy to work with, especially since we run last-minute promotions/events and get late night customer inquiries, all of which are handled effectively.

Him handling our social media marketing has allowed us to focus on the operational aspect of the business knowing that our marketing is in safe hands. 

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